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Our Intent
Create products that express love and caring between children and parents, husbands and wives, lovers…between people…’re-minding’ them that life should be lived as a masterpiece of joy, always with love.

The Inspiration, The Story:

Inspired by memorable experiences at Aiglon College, a prestigious English boarding school in Switzerland, the Tuck Box was created. The Tuck Box a stunning heirloom quality box covered in elegant leather with lockable compartments inside and out is the ultimate gift of love. Realizing that 21st century parents are challenged to spend quality time with their children and are guilt ridden by this loss, the Tuck Box is a small but intimate vehicle for parents to express love, caring and pride for children who are away from home. For students, the Tuck Box is a reminder that there is no place like home. The Tuck Box serves as a continuation of the love while away from home, an extended touch.

As their children leave for boarding school, summer camp or college, parents can “tuck” away a piece of their heart and home in this box…a love box filled with memories of comfort. The Tuck Box, a perfect gift, is designed not only to tuck away valued objects, but to function as a safe haven for nostalgic treasures, jewelry, gadgets, affectionate letters, journals, gourmet foods that you don’t want to share, fake IDs and family photographs (the wonderfully embarrassing kind). It is a place to treasure your life.

Not unlike the late Princess Diana of Wales, featured in the September 6, 2004 issue of People Magazine with her favorite and intimate prized possession, her “tuck box”, students will find comfort in their very own Tuck Box, as a place to keep eternal memories.

The first two boxes made were donated to charity. In October 2003 the first box was donated to The Garland Appeal USA, a national breast cancer foundation formed in memory of Linda McCartney. The Garland Appeal held an Auction event at Christies in New York City where the Tuck Box was auctioned and sold for $4,200. The second Tuck Box donated to the Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families of New York City, a foundation that supports inner city families in crisis, was auctioned live by Sotheby’s, at their May 2004 Artrageous gala dinner and sold for $10,000.

For any occasion, this signature product, THE TUCK BOX is the perfect gift, given to anyone by anyone for any reason!

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